Premium Video, Image and Photography Package.

This package provides you with 10 high quality videoes to convey your digital
marketing strategy.

This package provides you business with a combination of 30 x High Quality Videos
Images and Pictures 

10 x Videoes:


10 expertly hot and edited videoes between 30sec – 2min each (idea for IG

and FB) Your premium quality videos will be formated perfectly so you can easily upload without
any need to edit.

Initial meeting (phone or in-person) to establish your visual content marketing
goal for your business.

2 hr video shoot (we can work around your schedule.)

Business logo intro/outro for each video.

10x Video concepts could include

1. Drone shot of outsside location.
2. Interview with Director or Manager.
3. Interview with Client/customer.
4. Aesthetics of the business.
5. Role play: Customer experience.
6. Role play: Customer interacting with staff.
7. Role play: Staff orking (coffee making etc).
8. Role play: Client using services.
9. Walking out of the service.
10. Sale Video/Giveaway/New Stock/ Contes

10 x High Quality Images

This includes: 10 x licensed industry related files(pictures) customised with your

color scheme and theme for you to use across your social media platforms.

Included in this will be a collection of:

Tailored industry related inspirational quotes facts and information with your brand

logo watermarked.

10 x High Quality Photos

We will have a professional photogrpher attend to shot brilliant high-quality photos

of your business and services. editied with watermarked logos attach and ready to be used across

all social media platforms.

Premium Video, Image and Photography Package

$995 ex gst

Social Media Management Package

Initial 60 min meeting (phone or in-person) to establish your Social Media brand strategy and
marketing goals for your business.

30 days full social media content creation and upload to Instagram and Facebook
(daily post/daily management).


Facebook to Instagram Setup.

Pages Optimized.

Search optimum hashtags / and times to post for your industry.

Strategize and execute social media strategies.

Prepare and deliver monthly reports.

Page Setup.

Post Scheduling.

Content Creation.

Promotional Photos.

Video Creation.

Daily Content Posting.

Facts/ Tips/ products photos/ Videos/ upcoming events/industry related 
memes/Festive greeting and much more.

We will create 2 example posts based on similar brand colors and logo placement
before commencement.

All will be approved first before uploading for compliance and alignment of company brand
and reputation.

Social Media Management and content creation package requires a 3 month 




$495 es gst per month.



After 3 months $650 ex gst monthly or another 3-month package can be purchased.

Facebook Ad Management Package:

Everything you need for an effective Facebook ad campaign that will bring in new
leads. customers and sales. 3 month management – $495 or 30 day management $795.

We build everything you need for your Facebook Ads Compaigns.

We implement high quality ads, and use hyper-focused targeting on custom audiences.

Our services include:

Ad set creation and testing.
Detailed audience targeting (interests, demographics, job titles, etc)
Technical setup (goal and scheduling)
Facebook management monitoring and optimization
Full monthly and weekly reports on progression and activity.
Target Audiences
Technical setup(goal ad scheduling)
30 day Facebook management
Optimization of Ads.


That’s the beauty of ad variations. We can test both images and videos as well as
optimum words that capture peoples attention. One can be better than the other depending
on the audience target. In some cases, the images can convert better than the videos, and vice versa


There are numerous ways to improve your Facebook Ads Campaigns. But unless we’re
targeting the correct audience, then it won’t work. Here’s how we scale your ads and
optimize your results.

Custom: Using your existing customer database. We will uploads phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook
users IDs, and app users IDs. This helps in identifying more potential customers
using Facebook’s algorithms.


Lookalike: Now that we have a picture of your customer database. Facebook can find similar

users to open up a whole new set of potential customers.

Detailed Targeting: This approach is used to target new customers or people
who’ve never heard of your business before. It involves demographics, interests
behaviors and other categories.


If we notice that one audience or creative works better than others then we’ll scale
that, That ad can be remade with slight modifications to see if those new edits do better.

Social Zaddy SEO Package:

Interested in Search Engine Optimization for your business?

Below is a little info that may assist you in understanding the benefits and how
SOCIAL ZADDY can help.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Organic search engine optimization or SEO is the process of improving the traffic
towards your website by making it more prominent in search engine result using
specific targeted keywords.

Key benefits:

SEO Leads to Better User Experience.
SEO is Primary Source of Leads.
SEO Brings Higher Close Rates.
SEO Results to Higher Conversion Rate.
SEO Promotes Better Cost Management.
SEO Encourages Local User to Visit the Physical Store After the Search.
SEO Builds Brand Credibility.
SEO Helps Establish Brand Aareness.

Many customers first check the internet to see if a business is reputable. or if
it has a proper internet presence. By ranking your business to the top of these 
search engines it will add legitimacy and branding value to your company.

By having Social Zaddy handle your SEO you may be able to rank yourself to the
front page of these search engines.

This means that whenever a customer tries to search for a product or service that

your business is selling. you will show up immediately.
With organic SEO you do not have to pay as you would with pay per click advertising
like with Google AdWords or other.


Thank you for your recent Social Media Management Package order from Social Zaddy.

We’ve crafted an awesome posting schedule for you and are excited to put it into action!

If you look to the right, this is how the image or video and caption we created for you corresponds to the structure of Instagram. It’s important to look at each post carefully as amendments can only be made before we start the schedule.

Structure of the post includes:

  1. Image/ Video
  2. Caption – including optimised hashtags.


Please note that we will also post the exact same image and caption on Facebook simultaneously.